Sunday, January 10, 2010


Although it's "old hat" for my co-author, Annetta Dellinger, launching two new books for 2010 is a brand-new experience for me. One book was published by a publishing house while the other book is being custom published. It's been a crash course in different styles of publication and now we're on to marketing - another new beginning for me.

My passion is giving hope and encouragement to caregivers. Having been through six caregiving experiences in the last 24 years, I have empathy for all who are in the caregiving season of their lives. The books were an emotional journey for me as I was taken back to my experiences. There were many tears as I relived those special times again. Interviews with other caregivers added the flavoring for even more stories.

Follow my blog as I recount different stories through my life experiences. May this be a blessing in your life.

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